Ensuring the competitiveness of our customers

Jutel offers a wide range of professional services and workshops for new and existing customers alike. Our Customer Services & Solutions team help our customers to maximise the benefits of Jutel products, and make their workflow as efficient as possible.

The Jutel services include consulting and workshops, 24/7 help desk, customization, on-site support, installation, and training.

Consulting and Workshops

Jutel offers a variety of workshops for Jutel customers to ensure a smooth transition from their old systems and working practices to the modern radio workflow. The Jutel consulting services and workshops cover topics like requirement verification, system design, project and implementation planning, system health check and maintenance strategy.

Support Services

Jutel offers a wide range of support services including 24/7 help desk, e-mail support, electronic request and defect tracking system, and remote system health checks and problem resolution. Our support services also include free software updates for customers with continuous Support and Maintenance Agreement coverage.


Jutel software solutions are highly configurable which helps to ensure that they will meet your needs and provide for a smoother deployment process. We can also make additions to or otherwise customize our existing products to better suit your specifications. And if you would like to integrate your existing environment to Jutel solutions, we have services to match your expectations.

On-site Support

When a new broadcast management system is brought on-air, the first hours and days are the most critical and mentally challenging for users. You don’t have to be alone. Jutel offers professional support that will help you to manage this crucial period. The length of this on-site support can be agreed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the skill level of the users.


Along with its partners, Jutel is able to deliver an unparalleled combination of products, system infrastructure, and project implementation services to its customers. Open standards, a proven infrastructure and modular components ensure that even complex installations follow a fast track. Our customers can go to market quickly and start seeing results sooner.


With experience in radio broadcasting since 1984, Jutel stands for in-depth industry knowledge and longstanding expertise to develop training programs and seminars that enable you to maximise the potential in Jutel solutions.

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