Special Hardware

Professional HW for Individual Needs

End-to-End Hardware Platforms

Jutel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) have an OEM agreement concerning HP server, storage and networking products. Of course you need a supplier that provides excellent support, top quality products and is easy to do business with but you also need a supplier that understands the unique needs you have. As an HPE OEM partner Jutel offers advanced notification of lifecycle events, product customization and end-to-end solution integration.

Professional Sound Cards

High-performance and reliable sound cards designed to address all requirements of professional audio systems are essential for modern broadcasters. In all JUTEL RadioMan systems the high quality sound is produced with professional Digigram sound cards.

Special Products for On-Air and Editing Workstations

Customized keyboards and jogger wheels make on-air and editing work more comfortable. Whether you need a custom-made On-Air keyboard, Cart-Wall keyboard, or both of them combined, Jutel can produce them for you. A special keyboard and special version of the JLCooper jogger wheel for JUTEL Quick Edit Pro, a digital multitrack audio editor, is also available.

For more information about special hardware, please contact sales@jutel.fi