JUTEL RadioMan

Radio Automation Solution for All Broadcasters

JUTEL RadioMan is a comprehensive and scalable radio automation, scheduling, media asset management and broadcasting solution for any size radio broadcaster. This full-featured radio automation solution meets the new standards of easy to use, easy access, connectivity and distribution of media.

RadioMan customer base consists of commercial and public radio stations—from music radio stations to national and international broadcasters, where the ability to broadcast multiple programmes on multiple delivery channels using multiple languages is required.

Comprehensive Solution for Major Radio Broadcasters

JUTEL RadioMan Enterprise Edition is designed for large radio broadcasters and content producers with extensive media asset management needs and often multiple channels and national or international coverage. The system ensures the maximal use of media assets enabling scheduling, production and delivery of multiple distribution channels.

The high-availability On-Air software maximises system robustness. RadioMan Enterprise Edition can be custom-made and interfaced with 3rd party systems like Media Asset Management (MAM), music scheduling, newsroom, traffic and TV systems.

Full-featured Radio Automation System in an Easy to Install Package

JUTEL RadioMan Express takes any radio station on-air with a modern and robust radio automation system that handles the entire workflow from scheduling to broadcasting. It is designed for small and medium size radio stations who still want to have a fully professional broadcasting system.

RadioMan Express is an easy to deploy all-in-one package system including software modules for on-air, production and editing, program scheduling, music scheduling, and traffic. Jutel will provide a server, professional sound boards, and the needed workstations.

Producing Great Radio Faster and Easier

JUTEL Quick Edit Pro is a high-performance digital multi-track editor designed for radio production. It’s an easy to learn and fast to use audio editor designed for journalists with journalists.

Quick Edit Pro is the world’s first solution with a support for incoming and outgoing VoIP/SIP calls, and recording and playback of IP audio feeds. It expands with the task from one to 23 tracks. It is capable of non-destructive edits of in-coming feeds even as they are being recorded.

JUTEL Quick Edit Pro can be semlessly integrated with JUTEL RadioMan and production workflow. It has an embedded ActiveX version for newsroom systems as well as VST plug-ins for effects and special processing. With JUTEL Quick Edit Pro projects can be professionally executed and shared within teams or across a station.

For more information about JUTEL RadioMan products, please contact sales@jutel.fi