Hierarchical IP Audio Management Solution

JUTEL HIPman is a proven hierarchical IP audio management solution to manage a cloud of different IP audio devices from multiple manufacturers, IP audio streams, and logical inputs and outputs in centralized way. Several organizations can independently utilise their own resources within a larger IP audio network, making the HIPman solution ideal not only for large broadcasters but also for audio distribution service providers and PA installation market.

HIPman has a high level control and management layer to IP audio network devices with specified access rights to groups and individuals. The users can see and control the devices and streams they have permission to.

With JUTEL HIPman a large number of intelligent networked audio devices can be controlled centrally from a dedicated control centre, from studios as well as from mobile units. With the system’s easy to use web interface you can manage organizations, groups, users, profiles, device views, configurations, and audio codecs. HIPman monitors the controllers and devices in the network providing alarms in case of any problems.

JUTEL HIPman devices are connected to each other through a managed Wide Area Network (WAN)—like MPLS network—reducing the distribution costs drastically compared to traditional technology.

Proven Solution for Media Capture and Archive

Jutel has a robust and expendable Media Capturing and Archiving solution for off-air monitoring of multiple radio and/or TV stations. The system can be used for monitoring, reference recording, media catch-up and archiving purposes. This web based end-to-end solution can be used to capture distributed media nationwide or even globally. It has a modular design that supports 3rd party components.

The media capturing and archiving can be provided as a separate solution with JUTEL HIPman or together with JUTEL RadioMan broadcast automation, scheduling and content management system. JUTEL HIPman is used for controlling, scheduling and monitoring APAR Units and jobs. System, recording, and media conversion management is also done with HIPman. APAR Units execute the jobs based on the planned schedule or manual commands. Audio and video capturing, transcoding and file writing are done by plugins. The solution has a large codec and format support, and it’s self-operational and has no dependencies to other parts of the system.

The benefits of the JUTEL Media Capturing and Archiving solution include centralized management—a cloud and web design enables remote usage and configuration. The system is very cost-effective as the capturing components can utilize low cost off the shelf hardware and servers can be optimized. The system is fully scalable and can be expanded as needed, and it supports service provider model where several customers can share the same platform.

For more information about JUTEL HIPman, please contact sales@jutel.fi